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Qualified for State Finals

In order to qualify for States, a student must cume a total of 9 points or fewer at 2 MFL tournaments in his/her event OR break to finals.
Students listed in
pale blue have one bid.
Students listed in
dark blue have qualified for the 2010-2011 state finals tournament.

Dramatic Performance

Novice Extemp
Two bids in NX count as one bid in VX.
NX will not be offered at States

Varsity Extemp

Children's Literature

Novice Reading
Two bids in NR count as one bid in a varsity event.
NR will not be offered at States

Prose Reading

Poetry Reading

Original Oratory

Play Reading

Group Discussion







Student Congress

Public Forum Debate

A Note about State Finals:

In order to compete at State Finals a student must earn two bids. It is a triple-entry tournament (in most events) and we cannot enter people in events in which they have not qualified.  Duos qualify as teams, not titles. You cannot switch partners after you qualify. NX and NR are not State final events. You may earn 2 half bids in novice + 1 bid in a varsity event in order to qualify for States.